SessionVista™ Collector

The SessionVista™ Collector is a high performance IPFIX and Netflow v5/v9 collector.  It can parse  IPFIX and Netflow packets and store the metadata they contain into various persistent datastores such as log files for ingest into Log Management Applications, or into either relational databases or NoSQL databases.   The SessionVista Collector parses the IPFIX and MCDP packets produced by the SessionVista Exporter and provides persistent storage so the metadata can be accessed by the SessionVista Application Suite.

Data Collection and Storage Features

  • IPFIX, Netflow v5/9 and Mantaro Content Delivery Protocol support
  • Storage to database
    • MySQL
    • Teradata
    • Hypertable
  • Highly scalable, multi-threaded software architecture
  • Parses and stores indexed metadata to log files with timestamps
  • Easy to use schemas for rapid application development
  • Supports multiple IPFIX and Netflow input streams

Configuration and Operation

  • Status and Performance metrics reported in SessionVista Administrator
  • Easy to configure
  • Standard Linux based application for easy deployment