SessionVista™ Applications

The protocol metadata and content that is extracted by the SessionVista™ Exporter is made available to applications using the SessionVista™ SDK.  This SDK is available to third parties to develop their own Deep Packet Inspection based applications in a fraction of the time required to develop them from scratch.  Numerous SessionVista™ applications are already available that utilize the extensive metadata and content extracted in novel ways. The SessionVista™ apps are grouped in two categories: Continuous Monitoring and Investigative Tools. Continuous Monitoring apps are running in the background 24/7. They send alerts based on anomalous network traffic. The investigative tools are used to determine to root cause of an alert.

SessionVista™ applications offer functions that have historically spread across multiple types of network security and forensics solutions. By having them integrated on one platform using an application based approach, SessionVista™ offers ease of deployment and maintenenance, value and flexibility.

Investigative Tools Applications:

Network Forensics
Email Investigator
Enterprise File Tracker
Individuals of Interest
Web Search Investigator

Continuous Monitoring Applications:

Application Firewall
Traffic Profiler
Network Asset Inventory

Server Performance Monitor